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The Treasury's commemorative 50p coins are falling out of circulation - prompting officials to mint more.

Your guide to the Brexit 50p coin In January 2020, The Royal Mint issued a special 50p coin bearing the inscription ‘Peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations’. Find out more about the background and value of the coin, widely known as the 'Brexit 50p', in our special guide. Discover more about the Brexit 50p. The Brexit 50p isn’t the only coin featuring Britain’s relationship with the European Union. 1973 European Economic Community 50p After almost a decade of debate Britain joined the EU, which was then known as the EEC (European Economic Community). The Royal Mint issued the first ever commemorative 50p to mark the partnership.

Remainers had vowed to take action against the coins in protest, with some suggesting they would keep the coins away from the shops until Brexit had been reversed. Play quiz and earn real money transfer.


Now officials have had to mint more than a million more after the first batch of three million fell out of circulation, the Telegraph reports.

While an anti-Brexit protest could be part of the reason, it could also be because the coins are now collector's items.

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Some collectors have been offering to pay more than their original value for the coin.

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A gold and silver version of the coins sold for £60,000 at a Tory black and white fundraiser event earlier this week.

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