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This is the premiere version of our Redemption Staff/Healer build for Dungeons and widely-understood PvE in Albion Online. This build is designed to maximize your Healing efficiency so that you are able to keep your group Healthy at all times and help with the DPS if needed.

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  1. Albion Online Review
  • Getting into Albion Online for the first time or returning after a long while can be a bit overwhelming. The game is somewhat complex, and you need to understand at least the basics before venturing out into that world.
  • Albion Online (AO) is a free medieval fantasy MMORPG developed by Sandbox Interactive, a studio based in Berlin, Germany.
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Albion Online Review

Date, UTCKillerVictimFame
10.02.21 07:33wisshopSlenderlans3.4k
10.02.21 07:33darka7HitsuSenpai215.2k
10.02.21 07:33SaggoxHuo777697.9k
10.02.21 07:33RomargurlYubeh21.0k
10.02.21 07:33MendozazeroGBRanger30.1k
10.02.21 07:33OTPLuluGalvantua45.0k
10.02.21 07:33Umomdie2EIEha277.4k
10.02.21 07:33MasterisMKEvo6111.0k
10.02.21 07:33witos101Reports176.0k
10.02.21 07:33xStickxLoboSolitary53.3k
10.02.21 07:33BomjuashwiliTurkishCoffe67.8k
10.02.21 07:33WilliaMWallaCe19DYNAMOZAGRAB14.6k
10.02.21 07:33PitoctIrtysh97.9k
10.02.21 07:33Zeik0dLoDol61.7k
10.02.21 07:33Pe4eenkaInsiraSeuNome67.8k
10.02.21 07:33daniscoolTheEdgeLv48.0k
10.02.21 07:33worryworrywelcometochina20.8k
10.02.21 07:33chavz94BloodStaindGlory132.3k
10.02.21 07:33RedFordWhiteeOsaMadura43.5k
10.02.21 07:33S4STARL0RDPassingNinja52.1k
10.02.21 07:32HazziePHAzzinorth49.5k
10.02.21 07:32BigbodybluntMyNameIsBad547.3k
10.02.21 07:32apingkWronyn2.8k
10.02.21 07:32ChoJaryongshenminghuang27.5k
10.02.21 07:32AethousMongolians36.3k
10.02.21 07:32SantaBoyKevinBlitz23.9k
10.02.21 07:32WhisperingXDBenhr27.0k
10.02.21 07:32ElReyMichiTuleadora0
10.02.21 07:32GhostEternity074Flash136.2k
10.02.21 07:32BBoolBomber194119.8k
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