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Boeing 777-300 operated by Turkish Airlines may transport 349 passengers in two classes: business and economy.

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Boeing B777 Turkish Airlines

Business class offers 49 flat bed seats that have 177 degree recline. These seats are divided into two sections. First section has 4 rows of seats that have 2-3-2 configuration and the second section – 3 rows with the same configuration.

Location of the galley behind may cause discomfort to passengers of the seats of the 4th row.

The second section of business class seats is located behind the exit row. The noise from the galley and lavatories located behind may be bothersome for passengers’ of the seats of the 7th row.


Other primary operators are United Airlines (96), Qatar Airways (81), Air France (70), American Airlines (67), and Cathay Pacific (65). As of November 2011, 62 airline customers operate variants of the Boeing 777. The following table lists of active operators of the aircraft as of December 2019. The Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300ER features 322 seats in a 3 cabin configuration. Economy has 293 seats; Business class has 28 seats; this is pretty standard for these aircraft. Legroom-wise, the Economy pitch of 0cm ' is average, the Business class pitch of 0cm ' is average, though of course what that means for you depends on how tall you are! Features 2 Turkish Airlines paints for the FSP Boeing 777-300ER. Includes a variant with the Turkish Airlines belly logo and one without and a small text file with the fleet allocations. Paint for the FSP Boeing 777-300ER model. Textures for FSX/P3D only.

A detailed seat map showing the best airline seats on the Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300ER.

Economy class consists of 300 standard seats that are located in three sections. Most of the economy class seats have 3-3-3 configuration.

First section includes 6 rows of seats per 9 in each. The seats of the 11th row have the following disadvantages: close location of the galleys and lavatories, reduced seat width and lack of floor storage during take-off and landing.

The main disadvantage of the seats 14A and 14K is no windows.

Due to the exit row located behind the seats of the 16th row are less reclining than standard.

The second section of economy class seats has 16 rows of seats: 14 of them have 3-3-3 configuration and 2 rows contain 3 seats.

The seats 23DEG, 24ABC and 24HJK are considered the best seats because they offer extra legroom. However, these seats have no floor storage during take-off and landing. In addition, the seats 24ABC and 24HJK are a little narrower than standard as the tray tables are built-in the armrests making them immovable.

Close location of the galley will cause discomfort to passengers of the seats 38DEG.

The last section of economy class seats offers 114 seats. Thanks to the exit row in front passengers of the seats 40ABC and 40HJK will feel comfortable as these seats have extra space for their legs. But these seats have no floor storage during take-off and landing, have slightly reduced seat width and are located close to the galley.

The seats 42DEG are considered good seats as passengers of these seats will feel comfortable during the flight thanks to extra legroom.

Because of the curvature of the airplane the seats 49A and 49K have limited space for passengers’ legs.

As there are no seats behind, the seats 50C and 50H are often bumped by other passengers and crew members passing by.

Other passengers tend to gather in the area of the seats 52B, 52J and of the seats of the last 53th row while waiting to use lavatories thus causing discomfort to passengers of these seats. Limited legroom makes the seats of the 53th row bad seats.

I am in Thailand again and this time I found good price for the business class with Turkish Airlines. I’ve never flown business class before so I was eager to see how it compares to economy.

The ticket price from Ljubljana to Bangkok through Istanbul was just around 1600 eur which translates to around $2,300.

That’s a good price for a business class since most other airlines charge double or more for the same distance (Austrian Airlines through Vienna and Lufthansa through Munich or Frankfurt).

There’s not much difference flying business class on Airbus 319-100 which took me from Ljubljana to Istanbul except that there is more leg room and that flight attendants bring more drinks and food.

But the business class on the Boeing 777-200 flying from Istanbul to Bangkok is a high tech luxury seat.

Business class on Boeing 777-200 Turkish Airlines

The Boeing 777-200 has 16 of these small suites and you’re basically sitting alone in your own adjustable seat which can go to completely flat position. You get a pillow and a blanked and can sleep quite comfortably for a few hours.

Adjustable seat and TV on Boeing 777-200 business class

The only » problem« is that you get served dinner at around 1:00 AM since the flight starts from Istanbul at 23:45.

Black diamond casino no deposit. Our flight started 40 minutes late and so our dinner was served even later – at around 1:30 AM. We were going quite fast and it’s amazing when you consider that the plane is going at over 1000 km/h at 11 kilometers high and the outside temperature is -54 degrees Celsius – while I am having a delicious dinner. 😉

About 9 hours later we landed safely (and softly) in Bangkok and I was really not tired since I could sleep for about 4,5 hours during the flight.

I think I have a small problem now; because once you fly business class on a long flight, you REALLY don’t want to go back to the economy. 😉

I don’t mind economy at all for up to 2 hour flights (which covers most of Europe from Slovenia), but there is a huge difference in comfort when you fly 8 and more hours over night.


Turkish Airlines has really lowered their prices recently and if you book an economy flight from Ljubljana to Bangkok for example, you’d pay only 620 euros (return flight). Most other airlines charge around 1000 euros for the same distance.

And if you can pay for your flight with paypal, that’s even better…

There are two reasons why I wanted to share this with you; it’s my first time (but definitely not last) flying business class and I wanted to record this on my blog (so that I can check this in a few years 😉 ).

Seatguru Turkish 777

And secondly, to motivate you, to give you some exciting goals for which you’ll focus more on improving your online business and earning more so that you can easily afford a business class flight next time you travel somewhere.

If you want to stay motivated and keep working on your sites for many hours, you need to have strong reasons WHY you’re doing this.

»Having more money« is not strong enough motivator. You need to know WHY you want to have more money.

What are you going to do with it?

And looking forward to flying business class to Thailand is definitely an exciting goal for me – since I like planes, traveling and Thailand.

So… What are your specific goals and things you want to do with the money earned from your online business?

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