Buffalo Keno

Nba odds today. SUPER-EXCITING BONUS CONCLUSION on Buffalo Keno‎ by Aristocrat!

Buffalo Keno is an awesome mash-up of Keno and the classic Buffalo slot machine - what a great design although admittedly it can be a bit confusing at first, but once you understand it, it all makes sense!

You ‎win in Buffalo Keno by having your chosen numbers picked although the number it takes to win depends on the amount of numbers you select. You can play between 3 and 10 numbers and the more you play and match, the more you can win. For example, here are the payouts when selecting 8 numbers, where you need at least 4 hits to win, for 1 credit bet:

Keno is a classic instant lottery style game, there isn’t too many ways you can rejig the game to make it a unique title for each casino, that hasn’t stopped companies like NetEnt trying by introducing features such as bonus rounds to produce unusual results like bonus keno, or varying theme in games such as Grand National Keno. Playing Free Keno gives players from all across the world the opportunity to learn the ropes quickly. Learn how to play the game, then head to the casino.

  • Problem Gambling Helplines. Montana Helpline: 1-888-552-9076; South Dakota Helpline: 1-888-781-4357; Louisiana Helpline: 1-877-770-7867; Nevada/Oklahoma Helpline: 1-800-522-4700.
  • Wild Bets Keno Wild Buffalo Game has the classic keno games jackpot personality and offers unlimited rounds of keno free play! Increase your ability to daub multiple cards with lots of keno balls calling for instant keno power! Expect big keno thrills with extreme keno caller interface where you can adjust game speed to your needs.

4 hits: 2

5 hits: 7


6 hits: 38

7 hits: 237

8 hits: 2500

The real fun is, not surprisingly, in the Free Games Bonus which is triggered by hitting at least two pairs of colored coins as the initial 20 numbers are drawn of the 3 sets of Red, Blue and Yellow coins:

2 pairs of coins: 5 free games

5 coins: 10 free games

6 coins: 20 free games

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In addition, If you land 1 pair of coins but 4 coins in total, a 4x multiplier will be applied to your win. If you land 1 pair of coins but 3 coins in total, a 3x multiplier will be applied to your win. And finally if you land a single pair of coins only, a 2x multiplier will be applied to your win.

During the bonus, the colored coins are removed but 3 bonus coins are added along with 3 Sunset symbols. Each Sunset symbol you hit will multiply any win by 2x and if you hit all 3, your win will be multiplied by 8x! If you hit 2 or 3 coins you will retrigger for 2 and 5 games respectively!

Finally, randomly after all numbers have been drawn you may be treated to a Buffalo Stampede where either 5, 10 or even 20 extra numbers will be drawn giving you a better shot at that Big Win or Jackpot!

To give you an idea of the potential, hitting all 8 of your numbers with all 3 sunsets at a $2 max bet will award you a whopping $40,000 and while I didn't do that well, I can't complain as you will see, Enjoy!

Cindy Forget

Awesome win. Great entertainment. Wish I was there

Deanna Haney

I don’t know how i missed this video..I love this version..they have it at one of my locals. I’ve had some luck on the .10¢ denom.

Ryan Wright

Can you tell me which vegas casino has this?

Payton Massey

I’ve never seen this keno looks pretty interesting. Is this in Nevada?

Jennifer Goodwin

I stopped to look at your Buffalo Keno game because I'd never seen one and didn't know how to play Keno. I still don't know how to play keno -- but I skipped to the end of the video to see what kind of money one might win and was astonished by those big numbers in the bottom right of the screen. Wow.

1970's Chick

Now that we're watching you on the tv all your new videos don't show up at once so we just caught this one last night! The creator's of Buffalo have really kept us captivated haven't they? They're expanding onto new platforms and keep us interested. Who would of thought that they'd expand into the keno world and yet, it works!
Congratulations on your nice win and tbh, we had a good chuckle over the order of your number picks! Thanks for posting!

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Pretty cool seeing you play keno and very great bonus win! Well done Tim!

Press Master 1

It just looks like it would be fun to play.

Press Master 1

I have walked by these games a hundred times, never once thought about playing I will now 👍🏻


Play Buffalo Keno Online

The bonus spots don't move?
I like video keno but I usually go for Caveman Keno or Cleopatra.

Buffalo Keno Game

Elizabeth Quintero

Play Buffalo Keno Online

I don’t understand this machine but I understand dollar signs and the higher the amounts the better . Lol 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

honey bunchy

I don’t understand the what was going on! 🥴😅

Donna McCann

Sorry not my cuppa tea !. However Tim very good

anthony watts II

You called it i was waiting on you yo upload this

Figgy Puddin

Free Buffalo Keno Online

I'm going to say what you're going to say to me, 'tell me how you really feel' :) I didn't have a clue what was going on with this machine the entire time. This one is a big YUK from me!! But, very glad you had a great hit on it.


😂😂🤣 I think I was learning with you but hell yea! Fun keno fame! Amazing win 👍🏼👍🏼

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Free Buffalo Keno

Keno can now be found in so many variations and I have to say I love Aristocrat's new Buffalo version what is a great mash-up between both games! If you're a Keno fan, be sure to check out my Keno Playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLznNkypi8SrhtRJaOFI-xpopOXCH0DJTG

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