Colorado Lottery Numbers


How to play the Colorado Lotto. Lotto is the Colorado Lottery’s in-state big stake game. Players select six numbers from a field of 42 and prizes are granted for coordinating 3, 4, 5. Lottery Tax Calculator helps you determine what you owe in taxes. Know how lottery winnings are taxed? Is football betting worth it week. What is the tax rate for lottery? And more at TaxAct.

  • Colorado (CO) state(lotto) lottery official websites:,,,,,,, We also provide these information about Colorado lottery: contact, address, phone number. Please refer to Resource Center.
  • Colorado (CO) lottery currently offers these lottery games:
    • Powerball is drawn twice a week Wednesday and Saturday 8:59 PM
    • MEGA Millions is drawn two times a week Tuesday and Friday 9:00 PM
    • Lucky For Life is drawn two times a week Monday and Thursday 8:38 PM
    • Lotto is drawn two times a week Wednesday and Saturday 7:35 PM
    • Lotto Plus is drawn twice a week Wednesday and Saturday 7:35 PM
    • Cash 5 is drawn everyday Sunday thru Saturday 7:35 PM
    • Pick 3 Evening is drawn daily Sunday thru Saturday 7:36 PM
    • Pick 3 Midday is drawn everyday 1:30 PM
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Cash 5 Colorado Lottery Numbers

Colorado (CO) Lottery Lotto prizes and odds, by Lottery Post. Lottery Post is proud to bring you winning ticket jackpot, prize payout amounts, and game odds for Colorado (CO) Lotto. Colorado Lotto Winning Numbers. On this page you will find the latest seven results from the Colorado Lotto draw. Draws take place on Wednesday and Saturday evenings at 7:35pm MT and will consist of six balls between 1 and 40 being drawn, with the winning numbers being posted here minutes after. The Colorado Powerball Lottery is the only lottery in the United States that offers three drawings a day and one drawing a week. When the Powerball draws are held, the jackpot prize is determined and winning it can be the result of just a single Powerball ticket.

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