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Cooking Fever is a game for mobile devices. But today, this addictive time management game has been redesigned to make its use on PCs possible. You can download a PC version of the game for free and play it comfortably on your computer.

  1. Cooking Dash game is in cooking fever game which every people very like. Cooking games has many interesting games.
  2. Cooking Fever is not a 100% free game, ladies and gentlemen. The title includes optional microtransactions that will help you improve your equipment quickly or make certain progress faster. You can complete Cooking Fever without paying, but many times you will have to repeat the levels to get enough money to improve your equipment.
  3. Cooking Fever is a cooking simulation mobile game developed by Nordcurrent, a Lithuanian game developing and publishing company. In the game, players manage various restaurants by making foods and drinks, serving customers, and earning money.

Cooking Fever online, free

Cooking Fever Cooking Fever is an online game and 71.11% of 572 players like the game. Cooking Fever is a simple and hot cooking restaurant simulator game. Simply click, drag, and drop to cook a variety of cuisines, complete customer orders as quickly as possible, and complete all challenging missions!

Simple storyline.
The storyline for Cooking Fever is easy to grasp. You have a restaurant with a kitchen fully equipped with appliances and ingredients. The game requires you to use your cooking and time management skills to prepare meals and serve your customers.

Cook over 250 dishes.
There are 100 ingredients which you can use to cook over 250 dishes. Strive to prepare tasty dishes that will keep your customers coming back for more. You can cook rice, burgers, cakes, cookies, coffee and even popcorns.

Cook from 8 locations.
With 8 unique locations on Cooking Fever, you can really explore your cooking potential. The locations include Bakery, Pizza, Fast-Food, Chinese, Seafood, Indian, Sushi and Breakfast Cafe. Use your cooking techniques to prepare the best meals from each of these locations.

Get upgrades for kitchen and restaurant.
As you continue playing, you will be presented with upgrades to improve your kitchen and restaurant. You can use the upgrades to install new, modern appliances on your kitchen. You can also make your restaurant more attractive and friendly with the upgrades.

Enjoy competitive levels
Cooking Fever has an incredible number of competitive levels. With more than 300 levels, you can have a long and enthusiastic playtime. There are amazing rewards, which include upgrades, for every level completed.

Enjoy more with a hack tool.
The game is even better with a hack tool and cheats. The best Cooking Fever hack is compatible with android and iOS and gives you unlimited gems, diamonds and coins. Use the best cheats to enjoy more upgrades.

Download Cooking Fever For Free

If you love cooking, this game should be in your list of the best games. Play the game on your mobile device or PC and boost your cooking skills. Download the hack tool for the game and make it more enjoyable.


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How to Use Cooking Fever Hack Tool:

  1. Download the Cooking Fever Hack Tool bellow.
  2. Connect your Android or iOS device to your PC via USB (you must have the game already installed)
  3. Open the hack tool and click Detect Device button.
  4. Select your features and enter their values.
  5. Last one – click the Patch/Hack Game button, it will automatically update the game.
  6. Enjoy your hack!

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Cooking Fever Hacked

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Yes, there is frustration, but which good game doesn’t have that?!

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There are 23 exciting restaurants in Cooking Fever! Some of our favorites are the Ice Cream Bar, Sunset Waffles, Sushi Restaurant, and Michelle’s Cafe! Who knew that cooking can be such great fun? Cook up hundreds of dishes ranging from simple to fancy with thousands of ingredients. Continuously ensure that your restaurant is beefed up to your customers’ liking! Are you also sure that your kitchen is upgraded and efficient? Cooking Fever on PC needs you to be a master chef!

Cooking Fever Online Game

Connect to Facebook for more Fun

Connect to Facebook and share memorable moments with your friends and family – Ask them to join in to play the game too! Catch the fever – Don’t miss this Nordcurrent game that will seriously ramp up your cooking passion! What are you waiting for? Download Cooking Fever on PC now!

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Cooking Fever online, free

Four 4 card keno free. There are the Fast Food Court, Hell’s Kitchen, Pizzeria, Breakfast Café, Ice Cream Bar, and many more!

Cooking Fever

By Nordcurrent 8,575 downloads

Game Features

  • More than 400 dishes to cook using 150 ingredients
  • 20 unique locations
  • More than 400 levels to complete
  • Hundreds and hundreds of upgrades for your kitchen appliances and interior

Cook delicious meals and desserts from all over the world

Check out these game screenshots.

Cooking Fever Online Play

Cooking Fever: Play This Amazing Cooking Game on PC

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