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How We Select the Best PUBG Roulette Platforms

The roulette game at CSGOFast is actually called “Double”. There are three colours players can bet on, red, black and green. A winning wager on red or black doubles your stake while a winning bet on green pays off at 14-1. CSGOFast has a “Free Coins” system where players can earn free daily coins. Fair go casino free spins bonus codes. Play with the biggest, best and most trusted CSGO game operator. CSGORoll offers an amazing online experience to win skins.

So, what is the process that we go through in order to ensure that we’re giving you details on the best PUBG roulette sites? Obviously, we have various qualities that we look for in these platforms, so if a site does not incorporate such, then it’s likely that they won’t be considered as the best. Let’s take a closer look at some of these necessary functions:

  • Well-Designed Website and Navigation. It’s important that you can navigate around an online PUBG roulette site with ease. This doesn’t just mean high-quality graphics, but also the simplicity of getting from A to B. So, links throughout the site must be simple to use, the different games should be smooth when loading up, and it should appeal to you from the very first moment you load it up.
  • High-Strength Security Features. We always want to know that we’re accessing a platform with high-strength security. This way, we’re much more satisfied that our data and other information won’t be revealed to third parties. Therefore, if a PUBG roulette site comes with a secure server and utilises data encryption technology, it stands out as being one of the best.
  • Strong Collection of Games. PUBG roulette is a popular game, but betting sites shouldn’t restrict themselves to just one game. Instead, a strong collection of titles should be available for players to access, including options like slots, coinflip, blackjack and so on. This way, a diverse range of games will be found within their lobbies, ensuring that you have plenty to choose from.
  • A Good Set of Supported Payment Methods. Different bettors like having access to different payment methods, so that there’s something which is suitable for them. Therefore, our team has sought out the sites with a collection of these for you to utilise. This not only includes the potential to use PUBG skins, but also cryptocurrencies, cards, e-wallets and so on.
  • Promotional Codes and Bonus Rewards. We all like receiving something for nothing, right? Well, there are some PUBG roulette sites that provide exciting promo codes and bonus rewards. These can give you free coins, either before or after depositing funds into your chosen platform account. Our team has found the greatest platforms that incorporate wonderful bonus rewards and promotional benefits for you to benefit from when you register for an account at them.

How Does PUBG Roulette Work?

Playing PUBG roulette is little different to playing roulette via a standard online casino. The main difference comes from how you deposit funds into your account, because you have the potential to play with the skins you have garnered from PUBG gameplay. Of course, you’ll first need to locate a good site to play it at, and for this we recommend that you choose one from our suggested sites. They have been fully tested and reviewed by our team to ensure that they’re trustworthy and secure. As long as you are 18 years of age or more, then you should be able to sign up to one of them without issue.

Signing up for an account should be relatively swift, and you will then have to proceed with linking your Steam account. This will allow you to import your inventory of skins, should you wish to bet with these. Should you not wish to utilise these and instead want to be with standard funds, you will need to deposit through one of the supported payment methods. A variety of payment methods should be supported, including cards and cryptocurrencies.

It's also important at this time to remember any promo codes, as these will provide you with free coins or other rewards. These codes need to be entered either before you process a deposit through or during, dependent upon the reward(s) you’re claiming. Promotions will allow you to receive a boost to your account, and should ongoing rewards also be available, you’ll certainly have an enhanced gaming experience.
Then, you can move on to accessing the PUBG roulette games. This allows you to place bets on either single numbers or groups of numbers. Then, you simply watch out for the roulette wheel to be spun and the ball dropped into it. Should the ball land on a number that you have wagered on, you’ll receive a pay-out for such. Additionally, roulette games are synonymous with betting strategies, so you may also wish to introduce one to your PUBG roulette gaming.

Strategies and Tips for Playing PUBG Roulette

Some roulette strategies are better than others, and some work for some players more so than others. So, let’s take a look at a few of the different tips and strategies that are available to utilise.
The Martingale Strategy.

Using this strategy simply requires you to double your bet every time you suffer a loss. So, if you place bets equating to $10 and lose that round entirely, you need to move on to the next round and place a bet of $20. This continues on until you secure a win. Therefore, in theory, you will recoup all the funds that you have lost previously. This is easier to make use of at roulette tables with small minimum bets and high maximums.

  1. The Reverse Martingale Strategy
    This strategy is basically the opposite of the Martingale Strategy. Instead of raising your bets when you suffer a loss, you increase them when you win. They’re lowered only when you experience a loss. Through this, the idea is that you’ll manage to capitalise on hot streaks whilst keeping your losses to a minimum through rougher patches.
  2. The D’Alembert Strategy
    Often considered the safer option to undertake than the Martingale or Reverse Martingale, the D’Alembert provides a safer strategy. To use it, you just need to increase and decrease bets based by one, and this is much safer than doubling up. Simply increase your wager by one after a loss and decrease it by one after a win.
  3. The Fibonacci Strategy
    With the Fibonacci sequence, you’ll find this to be every number after the first two being the sum of the preceding ones. Essentially, it progresses in the following way 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89…By using this, the Fibonacci strategy requires you to place a bet that is the unison of the last two bets combined together. So, you can therefore leave with a profit, even if you lose more games than you win.
  4. The James Bond Roulette Strategy
    You’ll need quite a large balance in your account to effectively utilise this strategy. To proceed with it, you need to place a bet of €140 on the higher numbers, €50 on the 13 through 18 numbers and €10 on 0 for insurance. Obviously, if you don’t have luck on your side at all and a number between 1 and 12 appears, you will lose €200. Start using the Martingale strategy at this point. Yet, if any of your bets do win, you’ll grab yourself a neat little profit.
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Csgo Free Roulette

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