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Since Double Diamond slot machine is a classic slot, there are no bonus rounds or free spins when you play this game. As the name implies, the Double Diamond symbol serves as the Wild and can match with any symbol on the display. Getting two diamonds gives you double payout while getting three diamond symbols increases this 1000. The free Triple Diamond slots are free to play and belong to the “Diamond” category – the series produced by International Game Technology by IGT.If you remember the “Double Diamond” slot from this series, triple one is almost the same – it has the same graphic illustration (CGI), color palette, and soundtrack.

Progressive Jackpot: No

Keep in mind that even though this game’s bet can be a little bit small, players can win prizes up to 50.000 with double bars, 7’s. The Diamond symbol is a Wild one, meaning that it can replace any other retro symbol to get players a winning combo.

Software: IGT

Paylines: 1

Reels: 3

RTP: 95.44%

One of the earliest online casino slots games to be launched by gaming giant IGT is this classic three-reel, progressive jackpot game. The layout of this slot machine, which was released to the public in 2005, features a three-reel, single line design that is reminiscent of classic machines you can find on land-based casinos worldwide. The design is very simple and the game is very easy to understand.

Triple Double Diamond Slot Machine Free Games

Despite the simplicity of this free online slots game, you will find that it can be very addictive and exciting to play. This is because despite its simple design, winning on this machine can be very challenging. Bets on this game can range from a low of 1 coin to a high of 10 coins. You can change your bet via a change bet feature at the bottom. The spin button is in the middle of this control panel alongside indicators of your line bet, total bet, win screen, balance, and auto spin button.

Winning on this machine isn’t easy since you will need to line up the same symbols on the center line of the machine. Since these reels can stop at any time, the symbols can end up in a zigzag instead of a straight line, which can sometimes be frustrating when you get two of the same symbol on the line. It does however present gamers with a challenge which many choose to tackle head-on.


Free Triple Double Diamond Slot Games

Free Double Diamond Slot Games


As the name indicates, the game has a double diamond symbol on its reels which can trigger the big win. Other symbols that are on this classic that a lot of online slots UK players enjoy playing include cherries, bar, double bar, and the number 7 in the classic red color, which has been a standard for classic slot machines. No deposit games online for real cash. The Double Diamond symbol is the highest paying symbol on this machine and also works a wild symbol when paired with the others.

When you get the Double Diamond log on the center line, and it constitutes as a symbol for a win, it gives you double the prize for the winning combo. If you get two of this symbol on the line along with one other symbol, you get 4x the prize for the win. You will find the payout explanations at the top of the machine. The target here is to win the highest prize, which is x1000 of your bet, which can give you up to 10,000 coins when you line up all of the logos on the center payline.


Since this is a classic three-reel slot machine, there are no bonus rounds to speak of here. You can however consider the fact that the jackpot prize of x1000 of your bet as challenge enough without complicating the game with bonus rounds and spins. Also, the classic one payline design of this machine makes it a familiar, old-time favorite that would be spoiled with the addition of bonuses and other special spins.

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