Gamblers Anonymous Online Meetings

Finding a Gamblers Anonymous meeting near you is easy. You can search for meetings in your area by clicking here (United States). Not sure what to expect? Check out What is a Gamblers Anonymous Meeting Like? To learn more about what happens at a Gamblers Anonymous meeting. Compulsive gamblers who have joined Gamblers Anonymous tell us that, though their gambling binges were periodic, the intervals between were not periods of constructive thinking. Symptomatic of these periods were nervousness, irritability, frustration, indecision and a continued breakdown in personal relationships.

  • Are you concerned about how the gambling of a loved one is affecting your life?
  • Is the gambling of someone dear to you creating anxiety and worry?
  • Are you having financial problems due to the gambling of a loved one or family member?
  • Are you in financial turmoil or emotional distress and not sure why? Could gambling be the reason?
  • Are you worried about the emotional health and/or financial security of a loved one who is gambling?


Gam-Anon is a 12 Step self-help fellowship of men and women who have been affected by the gambling problem of another. We understand as perhaps few can. We are familiar with worry and sleepless nights and promises made only to be broken.

Gamblers Anonymous Online Meetings

We may have become fearful and uncertain as to how to cope with the deterioration in our lives and our relationships, the financial problems, and the debts caused by the gambling. We know that living with the effects of another's gambling can often be too devastating to bear without help.

Gamblers Anonymous Online Meetings

With the help of Gam-Anon, we find our way back to a normal way of thinking and living, whether or not our loved ones continue to gamble. We believe that a change in our attitudes is of boundless helps to us as well as to our gamblers.

Gam-Anon is not a religious organization or a counseling agency. It is not a treatment center nor is it allied with any organization offering such services. No dues or fees are required. Membership is voluntary, requiring only that one's own life has been affected by someone else's gambling problem.


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Gamblers Anonymous Online Meetings Zoom

1. To welcome and give assistance and comfort to those affected by someone else's gambling problem.

Gamblers Anonymous

2. To communicate Gam-Anon's understanding of compulsive gambling and its impact on our lives.

3. To share our experience, strength, and hope in coping with the gambling problem.


4. To use the Steps and Tools of the Gam-Anon program which nurture our spiritual and emotional growth and recovery.

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