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Gta online weekly update© Provided by GamesRadar Ocelot Stromberg, Pegassi Infernus, Coil Rocket Voltic and Tita
  • 260 votes, 354 comments. Warstock: 25% off: Menacer, $1,331,250 30% off: Avenger, $2,415,000 Mobile Operations Center, $857500 Caracara, $1,242,50.
  • Additionally, there will be a variety of in-game discounts on certain properties and upgrades. For instance, GTA: Online’s Nightclub properties as well as all Garages and Special Cargo.
  • LIVE Grand Theft Auto Online Discounts. IN-GAME DISCOUNT. For those making a move on El Rubio’s compound, look no further: the Kosatka submarine and its upgrades – including Remote-Guided Missiles, Sonar Station and Weapons Workshop – are all 25% off this week.
  • This weeks GTA Online Discounts, Double, And Triple Money!Heyooo! I am Tylarious, I am a gamer, I make Videos and Livestream Daily! I play Rockstar Games, FP.

Below is an updated list of all of the weekly Grand Theft Auto 5 updates for Grand Theft Auto Online. Each week Rockstar releases new cars, modes, missions, races, and deals (Free money!).

This weeks's GTA Online vehicle discounts include the Ocelot Stromberg, Pegassi Infernus, Coil Rocket Voltic and Titan. It's not as lucrative as winning one of the GTA Online casino cars for free on the Lucky Wheel, but at least this way you have a choice of vehicles and can guarantee the amount you're saving. The selection of cars, planes, boats, and more with money off changes in GTA Online each week, but if you're looking for details of the latest GTA Online vehicle discounts then we've got a complete summary here.

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What GTA Online vehicle discounts are available now?

GTA Online Ocelot Stromberg

Available from: Warstock Cache & Carry Discounted price: GTA$2,229,745 / GTA$1,676,500 trade Saving: 30% off (was GTA$3,185,350 / GTA$2,395,000 trade)

'Can you swim?' you ask, nonchalantly, as you hurdle towards the end of the Vespucci Pier. A moment of airtime later, the cool waters of the pacific are washing the pedestrian splatter from your windshield. The rudder and thrusters are engaged, and your pursuers are lost forever. You turn to the passenger seat, where your once-beautiful date is vomiting uncontrollably in abject terror. Yep, that is why you drive a Stromberg.

Please note: This vehicle can be modified at a Vehicle Workshop inside an Avenger or Mobile Operations Center.'

If you want to live out your James Bond spy fantasies, then the Ocelot Stromberg is the car for you. At the push of a button this amphibious vehicle switches into submarine mode, meaning water is no longer an obstacle to your progress.

GTA Online Pegassi Infernus

Available from: Legendary Motorsport Discounted price: GTA$264,000 Saving: 40% off (was GTA$440,000)

'The Italians are unrivalled in flamboyance, sex scandals and financial improprieties. Now you can be too!'

This affordable supercar just got even more attainable, and although its performance is somewhat hampered by oversteer when cornering, it definitely looks the part without breaking the bank.

GTA Online Coil Rocket Voltic

Available from: Warstock Cache & Carry Discounted price: GTA$2,298,240 / GTA$1,728,000 trade Saving: 40% off (was GTA$3,830,400 / GTA$2,880,000 trade)

'There's a very sound reason we don't strap space shuttle parts onto sports cars. But no one in the boardroom at Coil knew what that reason was, so here we are. Once you hit the button you're more likely to get into orbit than stay on the road, and no one has yet survived either outcome to tell us if it was worth it. Probably was though.

Note, the production model of this vehicle has a longer recharge time on uses of the rocket burst.'

Betfair casino free spins. Attaching a rocket to this electric car allows for unbelievable short bursts of speed, going from 0 to 130mph in around 1.5 seconds – just make sure nothing you care about is behind the turbine when you hit that boost button.

Gta Online Discounts This Week

GTA Online Titan

Available from: Elitas Travel Discounted price: GTA$1,200,000 Saving: 40% off (was GTA2,000,000)

'The Titan is a four-engine turboprop military transport plane, capable of using unprepared runways for takeoffs and landings, making it perfect for a busy city center. A freeway, a football field, a schoolyard.. the choice is yours.'

Who wouldn't want a giant plane that can transport you and up to nine friends, and can also land anywhere – who's going to stop you, right?

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