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An incomplete timeline for the daytime Wheel of Fortune, which will likely never be complete for reasons listed below. As daytime did not use seasons, and since the show debuted in January, this timeline is divided by year. For the nighttime version, see Wheel of Fortune timeline (syndicated). Due to practices of the era and Merv Griffin Productions, most episodes from 1975-85 were destroyed. Reba McEntire and Rex Linn's relationship has earned the approval of a lot of fans, but one outlet says that the couple isn't seeing eye-to-eye on some things. Apparently, McEntire's penchant for. Wheel of Fortune; Genre Game show Created by Merv Griffin Directed by Dick Carson (1983–1999) Mark Corwin (1999–2013). Karen Griffith (1997–present).

Pat Sajak is no stranger to a good pun. But he actually may have been out-punned by a contestant on 'Wheel on Fortune,' so much so that it created a very awkward moment that fans of the ABC show are loving.

The cringeworthy exchange happened on Wednesday's episode of the long-running game show when Sajak, 74, was interviewing Greg Wylie, a freelance project manager from California. Wylie's unique hobby as a competitive historical fencing enthusiast quickly became the topic of conversation between the two men.

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We learn something new on Wheel of Fortune every day! Have you ever heard of this sport, Wheel Watchers? 🤔😄 @ABC7#WheelOfFortunepic.twitter.com/vvpHRtkyqp

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“It’s more Renaissance outfits and we do competitive fencing tournaments. You can do multiple players on the field,” Wylie explained. “So basically, I go out on the weekend and stab my friends. So, it’s very cathartic.”


Sajak then asked about Wylie’s family, which includes his wife, who he has been married to for 14 years, and his 12-year-old daughter, who is 'basically a teenager.'

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“Well, just stay on guard,” Sajak joked after, adding, “Fencing humor there.”

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After finishing the contestant's introduction, the host turned to the camera to cut to a commercial break, but not before Wylie was able to sneak in a fencing pun of his own.

“I got the point,” Wylie quipped.

Karen Griffith Wheel Of Fortune

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This inspired a stone cold stare from Sajak that definitely made it look like he was not amused with the joke. (Maybe he didn't get it?)

'Wheel of Fortune' fans took to Twitter to talk about the cringeworthy moment. 'Pat's wit gets more and more legendary as time goes on,' one fan wrote. 'The look he gave at the end 🤣.'

'This exchange between Pat Sajak and Greg Wylie, my high school classmate, was pretty funny,' another person said. 'Both are sharp guys.'

'He definitely got mad as hell after that pun return,' one person tweeted.

Karen Griffith Wheel Of Fortune

Another fan commented, 'Pat’s look? Priceless. Love me some Wheel of Fortune and Pat/Vanna.'

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'Wheel of Fortune' was created by Merv Griffin and debuted in 1975. The show ranks as the longest-running syndicated game show in the United States, and also earned Sajak a Guinness World Records title for 'the longest career of a game show host for the same show.'

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