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Probably one of the coolest aspects of the site (that’s is the community page, which is called The Village. There you find a horizontal slider showing users’ photos. Now, some of these are really whacked out, really! It’s fun, and heart-warming, to see all the other faces of bingo-lovers all over the world. The NewBingoBilly fraud company owes me more than $7500 in cash payments. I used the site only for a couple of months and then when I won the jackpot, they simply refused to release the money.

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NewbingobillyI write this post to highlight with my experiences withbogus online gaming site by the name of New Bingo Billy. The site is simply afront for a scam and has in the last few years managed to fleece customers tothe tune of thousands of dollars. The site is neck deep in complaints andamazingly continues to be in business. Right from welcome deposit controversiesto rude customer support executives, the company has managed to rub every userthe wrong way. To me the biggest issue with the site is though that it is a NewBingo Billy real cash cheat.
There are many sites that look to make money quickly. Theyset up a decent looking website and get people to register and then up and runthe moment complaints start piling up. They set it up as a one-time moneymaking objective but sites like New Bingo Billy work with a much more sinisterplan.
They have chosen to not be a full-fledged scam where everyregistered customer end up on the losing side. Instead, they diligently worktowards building the trust of some while ignoring the rest. Typically, the oneswith a good playing record may get dumped by the site at any given point intime. Since this is a New Bingo Billy real cheat scam, you can safely assumethat your payments will not be on the way.
On the other hand, you also have players who are gullibleand with little playing experience. Players like these have very low chances ofwinning but tend to play for hours to just win small sums of money. Since, NewBingo Billy charges low welcome deposits, it then makes up for the shortage byrequesting customers frequently replenish their accounts. This way, manycustomers fail to realize that they are paying more in a single month for justplaying access which when compared to other Bingo sites would get you access toat least 3 or months. So when the company profiles, low skilled players, theyare encouraged to keep playing on a regular basis. The bait here being handsomecash rewards none of which they will receive if they happen to win.This makes sites like New Bingo Billy realcash cheat.
To make sure that you get the best deal, it would be highlyrecommended to check various sites. Look for reviews in unbiased websites thatoffer opinions purely based on facts. This way, you can easily shortlist youroptions. It would also be better to look for companies which are registered inthe UK. This way, they can be held accountable even if they violate the law.With many sites this is not a possibility, since the site may be based in somethird world country because of which it becomes difficult to file lawsuits. Italso makes it easier for the company to dodge court cases.

Newbingobilly Bingo

Double check and triple check every site before becoming amember of their forum. There are also several message forums that have beendedicated for bingo. Here you can get the latest news on the best bingosites.

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