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Pat Sajak is a big name in the American television industry, mostly known for the television game show Wheel of Fortune. This television personality has received 19 nominations for the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Game Show, in which he has won three times. We all know at least something, if not much, about this 74 years old host. His professional life has always been in the limelight, while his personal life has been somewhat in the shade.

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  2. Pat Sajak Family Photos
  3. Pat Sajak Family Photos
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Pat has been married twice; his first wife is Sherrill Sajak, and his second wife is Lesly Brown. If you want to know about the personal side of his life, this article is certainly for you. This article is going to be about 7 quick facts about Pat Sajak’s current wife, Lesly Brown.


After five years, on 5th January 1995, their daughter Maggie Marie Sajak was born. Previously he was married to Sherrill Sajak in 1979. Sadly, the knot wasn’t meant to last, and the ex-couple divorced in 1986, just after seven years of being together. Pat Sajak’s Career, Net worth, and Salary. Pat Sajak Wiki Pat Sajak was born in Chicago, Illinois to parents, mother Joyce Helen and father Leonard Anthony Sajdak. His father was a factory worker. His nationality is American and belongs to white ethnicity.

Lesly Was Born To Michael And Maria

Play and enjoy a different crossword puzzle every day. This is an AARP Rewards game. Learn about Rewards and have fun solving today's Crossword. Pat Sajak’s daughter Maggie even followed him into the entertainment industry and is an emerging country singer. Pat and Lesly currently reside in Severna Park, Maryland, while they also have a house in Los Angeles. Pat’s hosting is still going strong, and the couple seems to be inseparable, so let’s hope all of these stick to the very end. Pat Sajak is married to Leslie Brown. He married photographer Leslie Brown on December 31, 1989, after dating since 1988. The couple has two children, Patrick Michael James Sajak and Maggie Mary Sajak. Maggie is a country singer.

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Pat Sajak’s wife, Lesly Brown, was born to parents Michael Brown and Maria Brown on February 18, 1865. She was born in the United States. Additionally, she also has two siblings: Kelly Brown and Wendy Brown. Though there is not much information about her early education, Lesly earned her bachelor’s degree in television production from the University of Maryland back in 1986. This is an overlapping set of interests of Lesly and Pat.

Pat Sajak Family Pictures

Pat Sajak’s Wife, Lesly, Was Involved In Modeling

Although Lesly got a degree in television production, she had a strong affinity for modeling. She had a deep interest in the glamour world, which might be the reason behind her field of degree. She worked as a model after graduating, but that was not what she wanted. The pretty Lesly carried the dream of becoming an actress.

One of her known works is Playboy’s pictorial of 1988, ‘Women of Washington.’ She had also been delegated as Miss Georgetown. She had a passion for modeling, but something just made her change her path.

Lesly Left Her Modeling Career To Pursue A Law Degree

After a short term involvement in modeling, Pat Sajak’s wife Lesly left her modeling career to pursue law. The reason behind this sudden transition is not known, but it can be speculated as an impulsive decision of Lesly. Soon after some time, she got married to Pat; and in the name of taking care of Pat and their children, she dropped off from the Law school. Quite a dynamic transition, isn’t it?

Pat Sajak And Lesly Brown Met Through A Common Friend

Pat Sajak and Lesly Brown became acquainted thanks to a mutual friend. It was in 1988 at the inauguration of a sports bar in California. During that time, Sajak and his ex-wife Sherrill had already got a divorce. Sajak has stated that ‘ there was no electricity in the air’ during their first meeting. But slowly and gradually, things started to change. They used to talk over the phone regularly, and these conversations started turning into romantic ones.

By the spring of 1989, things took a turn. Something that ignited the fire of love is a date. Not a date between Sajak and Lesly, as you would have guessed, but Lesly was featured in a syndicated show ‘The Dating Game.’ She had to go on a date to Mexico with the winner. Sajak was jealous and a little annoyed about this, and soon he proposed to Lesley to spend the rest of their lives together.

Lesly Got Married To Pat In 1989 And Has Two Children

After the proposal from Sajak, the two decided to get married in the same year, 1989. Sajak had proposed with a ring with a three-carat-plus marquise-shaped diamond on the US Labor Day. In 1989 on New Year’s eve, the couple married in a very traditional ceremony in a 19th-century Catholic church in Annapolis, Maryland. Dan Miller, Sajak’s long-time friend and sidekick on the short-lived CBS talk-show ‘The Pat Sajak Show,’ served as his best man. There were 150 guests in attendance, along with Sajak’s co-host Vanna White.

Lesly and Pat are still going strong to this day. Their marriage has been flowing steadier than a river and can only go up from now. The couple is parents to two children. Their son Patrick James Sajak was born on 1990 September 22, and their daughter Maggie Marie Sajak was born on 1995, January 5. Both of them have already grown up and are living their life. Pat Sajak’s daughter Maggie even followed him into the entertainment industry and is an emerging country singer.

Pat and Lesly currently reside in Severna Park, Maryland, while they also have a house in Los Angeles. Pat’s hosting is still going strong, and the couple seems to be inseparable, so let’s hope all of these stick to the very end.

Lesly Is A Professional Photographer

Apart from modeling, law, and being a mother, Pat Sajak’s wife Lesly has found herself to be a wonderful photographer. She currently works as a nature photographer in ‘Leslie Brown Visible Style.’ Lesly has proven to be a multitalented individual as she is also a jewelry maker and even showcased wheel-themed jewelry in her husband’s show back in 2008.

Although it is uncertain if she is still doing jewelry, we have already seen how dynamic she is. Pat Sajak must be proud that he got such an amazing wife in the form of Lesly.

Lesly Brown’s Net Worth Is A Commendable One

Lesly is a dynamic woman, as we have already discussed, from her multi-dimensional career she must have made quite a lot of fortune. Lesly Brown’s net worth is valued at millions of dollars as she has been a jewelry-maker, model, and photographer. Even though there is no official source about her fortune, various factors make Lesly Brown’s net worth to be a commendable one. As for her husband, Pat Sajak’s net worth is valued at around $65 million, making him one of the richest TV show host.

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Patrick Sajak is an actor and American personality most notably known as the game host for Wheel of Fortune.

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Born on October 26 in the year 1946, to his mother Joyce Brandecki and a father of Polish ancestry, Leonard Anthony Sajak, a factory worker. Patrick Leonard Sajak was born in Chicago, Illinois USA and spent most of his childhood there. Patrick has a younger brother by the name of David and a step-Father by the name of Walter Backal from whom he has his stepbrother William Backal.

At an early age, Patrick would run around pretending to broadcast on a wooden spoon. In the 60’s Patrick found himself airing in his hometown on a Spanish radio station despite not knowing a single word in the foreign language. Thankfully, his job was to offer English news briefing hourly from midnight until six.

Graduating from the Farragut High School in the year 1964, Patrick then went on to college at Columbia College Chicago while working as a desk Clerk at the hotel Palmer House. All Patrick thought of was becoming a DJ, his career as a host honestly started when he won a contest on WLS radio’s Dick Biondi Show to be a guest teen DJ for a day. While still a student at Columbia College Chicago, Al Parker, his broadcasting instructor, informed him that Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) was looking for a reporter and Patrick took the job working from midnight to six am.

Pat Sajak Family Photos

During the Vietnam War, in 1968 following his enlistment, he served as a disk Jockey (DJ) while in uniform for the American Forces Vietnam Network, never actually having fought on the battlefield. Hosting the same radio show as Adrian Cronauer, a United States Air Force Sergeant and radio talk show host, for 14 months he too started up every morning with the coined “Good Morning Vietnam!”

Pat Sajak Family Photos

After being in Saigon for 18 months, he as then assigned to a military base in Texas. Patrick found himself in the Pentagon running slide projectors for military officials. He admits he probably heard high-level secrets but most of what he did hear had to do was over the pending postal strike.

Following this, in the early 1970’s Patrick DJ’d for Murray, Kentucky radio station for a year and 50,000 watts WSM in Nashville. During this time WSM was playing pop music during the morning hours, and his slot was from 3-5 pm just shortly after. WSM-TV brought Patrick on screen for the first time as a voiceover by making station identification and anchoring five minute newscasts during NBC’s Today Show as well as a substitute and weekend slot weatherman. It was here that he first became acquainted with anchor Dan Miller.

In 1977 Patrick was working in Nashville and was then approached by Los Angeles’ KNBC-TV. Offering him the position of weatherman for their station, Patrick all too gladly accepted. A few years later after being offered his position, in 1981, Patrick was then again offered a position at a better job. This time it was a media tycoon, Merv Griffin wanted him to take over the hosting of his popular game show to replace departing Chuck Woolery.

Pat Sajak Family Photo

Despite his willingness to captain The Wheel of Fortune, Patrick was resisted by Fred Silverman who was the President and CEO of NBC at the time. Silverman believed Patrick wasn’t the right man for the job. Griffin was resorting to harsh methods threatening to shut down the show if they did not comply with his request and not all too surprising, they listened.

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