Pirate Coins

Authentic shipwreck coins and coin jewelry offerings include those recovered from the Atocha, Consolacion, 1715 fleet, Vliegenthart, Princess Louisa, Reijgersdaal, El Cazador, Maravillas, and other miscellaneous shipwrecks. All of our coins are guaranteed to be authentic, we do not deal in replicas of any kind. Certificates of Authenticity accompany all shipwreck treasure coins and shipwreck coin jewelry.


Most shipwreck coins were recovered from Spanish galleons lost at sea while transporting the mineral wealth of the New World back to Spain. Typically two treasure fleets sailed to the New World each year over the almost three centuries that Spain maintained its power over the colonies. Hazards were significant, ranging from pirate attack to devastating storms known today as hurricanes. Not surprisingly, a fair amount of the colonies wealth of gold and silver came to rest on the ocean floor, giving us the opportunity to own an artifact from a highly significant time period - the discovery and colonization of the New World.

Pirate Coins Real

Pirate Coins - 36 Bronze, Silver & Gold Treasure Coin Set, Spanish Doubloons Replica for Board Games, Tokens, Cosplay- Pirate Treasure Chest BigEtsyStore 5 out of 5 stars (88). Roulette payout chart. A Spanish Doubloon / 8.Escudos / Onza was approx. A 'sea salvaged' find is hardly synonymous with a 'pirate' coin. Few salvaged finds can be truly or convincingly identified as pirate coins and some of those that have been thusly identified &/or thusly marketed are gross errors. Pirates didn't mint coins, they stole them from other people, hence the word pirating. Anyway, one of the coins they used to steal was a Doubloon. Another was Pieces of Eight, but I see that doesn't begin with a D.;-).

Pirate Coins

The highly publicized salvage operations of the Atocha, led by Mel Fisher and his company Treasure Salvors Inc., has elevated the wreck and its treasure to world renowned fame. Due to the Atocha's popularity, we maintain an additional website at atochatreasurecoins.com dedicated only to Atocha material.

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