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Dec 10, 2020 WMS Blade Stepper - Reel'em In! Catch the BIG ONE 2 Slot Machine. I have several other machine available for sale. This slot machine has been totally refurbished. It has Tito installed so it will accept all new bills, Tickets and will print tickets. Reel 'em In Slot Machine Game. Like a lot of games out there, the really big pull to a slot is in the bonus. Get a good bonus round and any game will attract fans. Reel 'em In definitely has a good one and people love to play this bonus and will play the slots for ages just to get to play it. It can often be the theme of a slot game that will draw you into playing it, and the Reel ’Em in is of course a video slot on which there is an obvious fishing type of theme. Reel ’Em In Slot Game Review. Reel ‘Em in Slot Review. Love the classic animations? Reel ‘Em In is one such slot game by WMS that gives the same flavour. It will remind one of the simpler animated video games of the olden days, with a bright, colourful setup and fishes swimming across reels. This fish-friendly slot.

If you have been following the Reel ‘em In! series by WMS, then Reel ‘em In! Greatest Catch will definitely capture your attention. This game has been introduced by WMS for all their regular players who enjoy playing slot games that offer progressive wins. The game has been designed in such a manner, that the players have an opportunity to make high bets during the game. This is the primary reason as to why this game has gained a lot of popularity among the slot game enthusiasts.

Features of Reel ‘em In! Slot Machine Games

The Reel ‘em In! Greatest Catch slot game has many exciting features. This game has 60 paylines, and 40 credits, and it is available on the Bluebird2 platform by WMS. This game has versions in three different languages namely, Mandarin, English and Spanish. The most exciting feature of this game is the Stair Stepper. The Stair Stepper will attract all the regular players to this game, as it is related to the free spin feature in the game.


When a player enters the free spin round in this game, he or she has the opportunity to win seven progressive prizes. As a matter of fact, the players can win several progressives during one free spin itself. In addition to this, if the players place higher bets during the game, they have the opportunity to cash in more picks that progressive.

To make the gaming experience of the players entertaining, the game developers from WMS have launched this game in three base themes. The base themes of this game are Gorilla Chief, Jade Amulet, and Leprechaun’s World. All these themes have exciting symbols and audio features. These themes have been designed to make the players feel like they are on a fishing adventure. In addition to this, all of these themes have their own customized free spin bonus features. Some of these themes give the players an opportunity to play approximately 80 free spins. Furthermore, during these spins the players have the opportunity to trigger up to five or more progressive symbols on the adjacent reels of the game.

Reel ‘em In Slots Machine Platform

At present, this game is played on the Bluebird2 platform by WMS. Play zeus 3 online. Knowing the platform of a game is essential as it determines that entire gaming experience of the game. The Bluebird 2 powered with the Wide Area Game Enhanced Network by the company, helps the casinos in changing the settings of the game to meet their particular needs. Additionally, if a player is uncomfortable with any aspect of the game, the operators can try to customize the gaming experience of the player, with the help of the Wide Area Game Enhanced Network feature. Furthermore, games on this platform have better visual and audio features. Therefore, the players can have a better gaming experience with all these advanced features.

According to slot game experts, in the past few years, the way in which regular players play slot games has changed drastically. They feel that in earlier times, players enjoyed playing slot games individually, without much social interaction. However, since the time progressive slot games have been introduced in the casinos, the slot gaming experience and preferences have been altered.

Reel Em In 2 Slot Machine

Progressive slot games are different from usual slot games as their bonus feature works differently. The jackpot sum in progressive slot games is linked to one another. The technology that links various progressive slot games together links the players of these games as well. Therefore, these games have introduced a communal playing field in the genre of slot games.

In context of the Reel ‘em In! series of games, the developers at WMS have made these games a community-fishing derby, where all the participating players win some amount of money or prizes. However, the winner of the entire series is awarded with a derby jackpot that is determined on the basis of the collective participation of the players in the series.

Wms Reel Em In Slot Machine

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