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Boxing is a sport where handicapping the intrinsic matchup is typically more effective than using any trend. There's an old boxing saying that 'styles make fights' and that's also a good rule on how to bet the 'sweet science'. Every fighter has individual strengths and weaknesses and due to a limited number of fights there's little value in trying to extract patterns from a short sample size.

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View the latest odds on Boxing Matches Matches & Bet with Sportsbet. Join Australia's Favourite Online Betting and Entertainment Website. Snakes and ladders fruit machine. Bet Slip Boxing Matches. Friday 12/02/21. Boxing Betting Online While boxing events don’t happen every day or even weekly like football season, it makes the allure of cashing one big bet on a single event more enticing to sports bettors around the.

Sports Betting Boxing

The exception to the above rule applies to trends derived from betting pattern information. You'll find a great handicapping tool here at Sportsbook.AG -we provide a breakdown of betting action on every fight on the board. Using this information you can 'read' the public's betting tendencies to find line value. It's necessary to approach major 'megafights' differently from lower profile or undercard fights. In a major fight -one that captures a lot of attention from the general public -it's usually a good idea to look for value going the other way. When you see one fighter taking a majority of the action it's a wise idea to start your research by looking at the underdog. Sometimes the public is right but on occasion they're buying into the 'hype' and ignoring the reality that the other fighter is superior.

For lower profile boxing matches the opposite approach can be effective. In a matchup between relative unknowns, a surge of action on one fighter is often indicative of 'sharp' players taking a position on an undervalued position. The closer to fight time this occurs the more significant it is.

Sports Betting Online Boxing

As is the case with every other sport, it's important to not bet blindly on boxing based on a single trend. The best use of trends is as a 'red flag' that there might be some underlying factor that is attracting lopsided betting action. Knowing why the money is coming in the way it creates the strongest possible betting position.

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